Channel KPI Usage

The State of Channel KPI Usage

The State of Channel KPI Usage: Channel Pulse Exclusive In this quarter’s Channel Pulse, we decided to take a closer look at the state of channel KPI usage and channel transformation across all verticals.  If you want to understand what drives an individual or organization to perform better, always look first at the measures of

Predictive Analytics

Do Predictive Analytics Work?

Do predictive analytics work? There’s been a lot of discussion in the channel about forward-looking metrics and predictive analytics, but do predictive analytics work? In our latest Channel Pulse, we asked what percentage of metrics were forward looking?  The answers from our audience of senior channel professionals were all over the place. We expected progressive


Channel Visibility: A Channel Pulse Insight

The Q1 Channel Pulse report from 360insights asked senior channel professionals about their level of visibility to various channel activities. The majority rated channel visibility “Fair” (in the middle between good and bad). What does this imply about the state of channel analytics and insights? When we asked the Channel Pulse audience what their priorities

Channel Incentive Spending Trends 2019

Channel Incentive Spending Trends 2019

What happens to channel incentive spending when the economy changes? 360insights‘ exclusive report on the latest channel trends, Channel Pulse, gave us some insight into this. One of the questions we asked in Channel Pulse was what senior channel professionals were planning for 2019. The majority told us nothing would change. Normally there wouldn’t be


Leveraging Predictive Channel Insights to Improve Program ROI

Is Data the New Oil?  Channel data is becoming deeper and richer, helping to drive channel performance management.  In today’s world, channel data and predictive channel insights are now considered the “new oil”.  The more access to clean, enriched and consolidated data, the better enabled your organization will be to driving revenue growth and reseller

Leveraging Channel Insights for Better Business Decisions

Channel Data: Leveraging Insights for Better Business Decisions

Channel data has become deeper and richer; helping to drive channel incentive performance management and determine who is engaged with your brand. When it comes to making strategic business decisions, many channel marketers leverage data and analytics to accelerate growth, increase engagement and improve ROI. In this 360insights webinar; Leveraging Channel Insights for Better Business