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James Hodgkinson
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James Hodgkinson

SVP, 360ecosystems

James is an industry leader in partner and channel engagement technology, with extensive experience working with some of the world’s leading companies in support of their global business strategy.

He co-founded Webinfinity, a ground-breaking ecosystem management technology, leading the company through all stages of its development from inception through to acquisition by 360insights in March 2022, thus paving the way for 360 ecosystems. With his brother Will, James founded his first company, VLI Limited, in the UK, at age 20, a project that eventually evolved into Webinfinity following his re-location to the US in 2011.

A big driver for his journey from VLI to Webinfinity (and now 360ecosystems) is the core team who have been there working on and delivering solutions together over the course of the past two decades. He has appreciated the problem-solving culture in the business and learning together, creating innovative solutions to be proud of over such a long period of time.

Having been raised overseas throughout his youth (born in the UK, then living in Bangladesh, Thailand, Jamaica and South Africa), James and his family now call Huntington, New York home. Outside of his role with 360ecosystems, James is a keen runner and supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

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