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Featuring Craig DeWolf

MDF, CO-OP, BDF, are they really all that different? / EP. 80

  • July 15, 2021

MDF, CO-OP, or BDF? What do these acronyms really mean and when do you use one over the other? Can you combine them? When are they most effective? How do you measure them for success? What my good friend Craig DeWolf, VP of MDF Product at 360insights, likes to say, “it depends”.  Your program objectives and the lens through which you view the needs of your program, are far more important than the labels used. However, there are real difference and real consequences if you don’t pay attention to the details – like funding sources. Please join us as we unpack the real world definitions of MDF, BDF and CO-Op, and discuss when and where to use each effectively, as well as how to manage challenges when trying to align each of these programs to channel sales goals and success.

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