360insights Takes MDF & CO-OP to a New Level

  • December 19, 2017

360insights Announces MDF & CO-OP Funds Management Enhancements

December 19, 2017, Farmington Hills, MI – 360insights, a company providing solutions for Rebates, SPIFFs, Volume Incentives, Co-Op Advertising, Sell-Through Allowances and Reward Points Programs, announced a new release of its CO-OP Advertising & Marketing Development Funds (MDF) Module. The new release offers enhancements in Pre-Approvals, Claims, Reporting, and Administrative functions.

Activity Qualifying Questions

Pre-Approvals are a core feature of 360insights’ CO-OP Module and are a proven tool for increasing fund utilization by eliminating long out-of-pocket periods for channel partners. This latest release enhances Pre-Approvals with dynamic questions which can be displayed based on an Activity or Sub-Activity. Qualifying questions can be used to capture any information a brand feels is important. For example, this could include the projected ROI for a marketing activity, or the number of event pre-registrants.

Brands can setup dynamic qualifying questions for their marketing activities or sub-activities through the platform’s admin interface. Question types include: open ended, and single or multi-select multiple choice questions using check boxes or radial buttons.   These questions limit, and many times eliminate, the back and forth dialog that slows down the funding process.

Draft MDF & CO-OP Pre-Approvals & Claims

The new release of the MDF module also enables channel partners to create draft MDF Pre-Approvals and Claims. This feature enables channel partners to start a request for funding and finish it later. This was a highly sought-after feature for channel partners that will save significant time and eliminate rework.

MDF & CO-OP Reporting Enhancements

The 360insights’ MDF & CO-OP funds management platform includes an extensive standard reporting deck. The new release adds a “Funds Available” report to each brand’s standard deck. This report provides a high-level overview, by fund, of partners who have received an allocation and the available/reserved status of those funds.

360insights has also reworked its “Account Snapshot” report in the new release. Now called the “Account Overview”, the report provides partners an easy method to see funds allocated, requested, approved, and paid. From this report channel partners can drill down and learn anything they need to know about their market development funds.

Administrative Enhancements

A common customer complaint with competitive CO-OP platforms is the time and effort it takes to make program changes. With every new release, 360insights has extended its administrative interface to provide customers control over their CO-OP programs. Customers are now able to control all organization hierarchies, business rules and workflows with this latest release. This completes the effort to put full control into the hands of our customers.

“A little over two years ago we set out to create a modern MDF/COOP platform,” said Ram Rajagopalan, Vice President of MDF & Co-Op. “Our goals were a common foundation that could support multiple customers, a current user interface, and to provide brands complete administrative control of their co-op programs. This release completes that effort.”

All released features are available immediately on the 360insights’ platform.

ABOUT 360insights

360insights.com is a global channel incentives leader offering rebate processing, SPIFF programs, co-op advertising and channel analytics. The company’s Channel Success Platform™ is the first truly integrated software-as-a-service solution enabling brands to optimize their channel incentives spending. Based in Whitby, Ontario, the company serves over 100 of the world’s top brands and has expanded to have operations around the USA and UK.

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