(November 19, 2013) – Whitby, Ontario: We are all consumers.

As consumers, we all know about manufacturers’ rebates and retail specials that help drive our interest in products. Rebates have ruled in marketing for as long as manufacturers have moved product. And they work: over $76 billion in rebates are processed annually according to some estimates and while rebates may help close the sale, they are not enough to build true brand loyalty.

Here’s the thing: the present model for processing rebate claims has built-in a system of “breakage.” This, of course, is the expectation that about half of the rebate claims will not be fulfilled for one reason or another.  Statistics range anywhere from just 10-30% in electronics (PC Data) of rebate claims coming to fruition up to a high of NPD Group’s estimate of 50-60% fulfillment. We believe that as an industry, we need to change the way we handle rebates and work toward 100% redemption rates.

Let’s start a “rebate revolution.”   Let’s start by honoring all qualifying rebate claims. Let’s make it easy for the consumer by using technology. Your in-store tablets and electronic communications start the process to track and trace rebate claims.  Let the rebate process become an extension of an engaging and positive purchase experience and the beginning of a long and happy relationship with the brand.

We are willing to put our money where our collective mouth is: 360incentives will pay $25 to $50 per household if you will share your story of rebate trials and challenges on our site (www.rebaterevolution.com).  Share your story and get likes via Facebook and we will give you even more money: 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes of $5000, $3000 and $2000 will be awarded to the top videos with the most likes.  This offer is good from November 19th through the Christmas Holiday buying season and up to January 31 or until we have paid out our full prize budget of $50,000, whichever comes first.

No receipt or UPC bar code necessary. See contest rules at http://www.rebaterevolution.com.


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