360 Launches Instant Rebate Module

Consumer rebates have always been a key tool used by companies to drive purchases of their products. Our team at 360 has a tremendous amount of experience in the rebate world. In fact, some of our technology folks even created one of the first online rebate submission systems – back in the late 90’s. The problem with rebates, until now, is that one party invariably ends up unhappy. If it was a mail-in rebate, consumers were upset because of the need to fill in complicated forms and the delays in getting their money. And if it was a traditional instant rebate, the dealers were unhappy because it negatively impacted their cash flow. We’ve spent the last year figuring out a way to make everybody happy – and today we introduce the 360 Instant Rebate. Happy consumers – happy dealers – happy manufacturers. Want to know how it works? Give us a call and we’ll show you.