Delivering Quality Service and Support to Metro Appliances, Through Sales Triumphs and the Tornado Tragedy

Whitby – ONT – June 10— Last month, two twisters in two weeks time pummeled Oklahoma. The first tornado killed 24 people and the second one killed 14 people there. Over 40,000 were without electricity during the storms near Oklahoma City. Now comes the rebuilding. One company is helping families reconnect to normalcy by delivering appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers and stoves.

On May 20, a three-mile-wide tornado swept through Moore, Oklahoma, not far from Metro Appliances headquarters, virtually destroying the town. Thousands of families were left homeless or are rebuilding today. Metro Appliances was able to stay in-business, keep taking orders and delivering once the storm lifted.
Six people from Metro Appliances live in Moore and work in one of the two locations in the Edmond region.
The situation allowing work to continue can be summed up in an email sent out of Oklahoma, just after midnight on May 24, 2013, from Metro Appliances Sales Manager Tim Knoll:

“I simply just want to say thank you for being so fast at approving spiffs each and every time. For example, I claimed some spiffs 4-5 days ago right before a disaster. I live in Moore, Oklahoma, so with the tornado happening (around us) and not being at work for the last few days and everything here just being a mess, I finally faxed them in today at around 2 p.m. When I logged in this evening to enter more spiffs, I saw that the incentives from earlier had already been received and approved.”

If there were ever a testament to the quality of the product and service delivery provided by 360incentives, the incentives for its sales went through because the tech platform works 24/7 even during a national disaster.
Jason Atkins, CEO of 360incentives, said:

“Our hearts go out to the people of Oklahoma who lost so much during the tornado this month. I am so pleased to know that in spite of the winds around them, our sales incentive fulfillment went through and helped put some money in the Metro guys’ pockets.”

One thing that’s unanimous among 360incentives customers, is the importance of speed and service. “Quick and immediate” is how they define the former; “incredibly friendly and helpful, entirely dependable” is how they feel about the latter. Testimonials from employees of Metro Appliances epitomize these positive vibes.
Matt Tillery, who works in Outside Sales for Metro Appliances, near Oklahoma City shared:”Their customer service team is by far one of the best that I’ve ever dealt with. Everyone is always happy to hear from you and happy to help you in any way possible,” he said.

Harry Justvig, who also works in Outside Sales, elaborated on his colleague’s comments, saying, “there’s been a couple of times that I’ve had to call and clarify a claim. I have to tell you, the customer service has been incredible; the agents that I’ve spoken with have just been phenomenal. You feel like you’re chatting with one of your neighbors or friends. If they have to do some research and get back to you, it’s always very prompt; I have zero complaints about the process,” he said.

About Metro Appliances
Metro Appliances was founded in 1974 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has since expanded its resources to eleven showrooms in five states. Whether selling for a builder, contractor or homeowner, Metro prides itself on having the product to meet customer needs and budgets. 360incentives prides itself on ensuring that Metro’s channel marketing program is run smoothly and efficiently for all parties involved.
About 360Incentives:
360incentives provides a highly flexible software as a service (SaaS) platform which enables manufacturers and distributors to create, measure and manage all of their incentives programs such as sales spiffs or rebates in real time with 100% auditing and fast payout of claims. Finally: all programs for all partners across all territories are viewable, manageable and payable from a single platform.

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