360 iPhone App Launch Lands On iPhone 5 Launch Date

On the same date that Apple is launching the new iPhone 5, we are super happy to be launching our 360 iPhone app.  Now, as a contractor or sales associate of one of our clients, you can download this app to your iPhone and, in real time, check your claim status, change your account  settings,  and if your incentive is being paid to a pre-loaded card you can check the balance of that card right from your phone.

The core app is already available on the App store right here, but if we are administering an incentive program that you are already part of, chances are you will be receiving information any day now about a customized version for that brand.

We are so happy to be able to make good on our core mission to make people happy: not only do we help you get  your spiff paid faster, now you are able to track the status of your claims in real time.   We are super flattered that Apple moved their launch date to match ours so we could help them make a bigger splash.  😉

Branded client apps we are working on right now