SPIFF incentive module designed to help global consumer brands better motivate sales reps and maximize indirect sales channel revenue

WHITBY, ON. (December 7, 2016) – 360insights, the originator of the Channel Success Platform™, the first truly integrated, cloud-based software-as-a-service platform to enable global brands to optimize their partner marketing and consumer incentive spend, today announced the addition of major enhancements to its sales incentives – or SPIFF – module.

Designed around the principle that sales incentives are more than just cash payouts – they are a brand’s connection to the sales channel. The newly upgraded Channel Success Platform™ SPIFF module is a robust software tool that enables brand managers to quickly and easily reward indirect sales channel personnel with timely incentives, arm them with improved product knowledge, and benefit from an automated insights feedback loop to optimize future programs.

Tim Rochon Chief Technology Officer at 360insights
Tim Rochon, CTO of 360insights.

“The traditional method of raising sales percentage payouts on SPIFFs can only go so far,” says 360insights’ Chief Technology Officer Tim Rochon.

“Successful sales incentive programs,” Rochon adds, “offer salespeople appropriate rewards and a comprehensive experience, giving them the motivation they need to learn more about the brand and the products and, in turn, make them more likely to actively sell those products with greater confidence. The very best incentive programs are the ones that are supported by processes that make the salespeople’s lives as simple as possible.”

Rochon explains that the 360insights SPIFF module delivers channel sales and marketing teams a competitive advantage to influence brand and product preference. It delivers the capability to explore and discover specific trends in sales data that can be used to drive channel sales behavior. “These fundamental sales incentive pillars will result in a wealth of information that can be leveraged to effectively design future programs and drive growth in the indirect channel,” Rochon says.

The Channel Success PlatformSPIFF module includes a validation engine that drastically reduces the risk of brands wasting money paying out claims that are invalid, duplicated or fraudulent. This helps assure brands that their sales incentive spend is targeted at supporting business goals and is being paid out to real people who support their brand on the retail floor.