360insights reveals new corporate web site with enhanced buyer’s journey and updated business metrics

Company’s new website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience and reveal advanced business metrics, allowing customers to access detailed product information and share industry-leading information across all major social networking sites.

WHITBY, ON. (May 10, 2017) – The early hours of this morning saw the unveiling of an upgraded version of 360insights’ corporate website, http://www.360insights.com.

“This site is all about the user and their discovery process,” said 360’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Hasan Syed. “All elements of the site are meant to provide answers to our client’s questions in the most succinct and informative way while offering a user experience that is intuitive and even fun for them.”

With each enhancement to 360’s Channel Success Platform™, the company gets closer to its ultimate goal of delivering predictive data insights for its clients and allowing them to leverage this power to always run the right incentive programs at the right time, underpinned by the company’s Channel Marketing Engine. The new website has been deployed to reflect 360insights’ more sophisticated understanding of how their offering solves the business problems of their clients and the site proposes to convey value to prospects via this refined understanding of their needs and perspectives.

To that end, the most significant changes visitors will find are in the language of how 360’s products are described in a way that is meant to resonate with the needs of our clients, down to consideration of their specific roles within their own organizations.   Additionally, the new site continues 360’s tradition of transparency through the sharing of such key metrics as the value of claims processed in 2016, client retention rate and client distribution by vertical. All of these are shared in order to support the buyer’s journey and help them self-select whether or not further discovery is a good next step.

“The new site is a further expression of our dedication to working with customer-obsessed client partners,” said 360’s founder and CEO, Jason Atkins. “For 360 to stay authentic to our own vision and demonstrate dedication to helping our clients provide the best possible user experience for their promotional programs, we need to keep lockstep with the needs of those clients and continue to improve their user experience as they grow with us.”