One of World’s Largest Appliance Manufacturers Selects 360

360 launches Incentives 2.0 platform – a major leap ahead of current incentives platforms. Similar to the quantum improvement Web 2.0 represented over Web 1.0, the Incentives 2.0 platform features four significant areas, each of which provides major meaningful benefits to clients. These areas are broken down into Visibility 2.0, Flexibility 2.0, Engagement 2.0 and Validation 2.0. Visibility 2.0 gives clients all the critical information they need in one place. In real-time on intuitive customizable dashboards. Flexibility 2.0 allows clients to finally run the specific programs they need – where, when and how they need them – without the constraints of being limited to only a few broad based programs. Engagement 2.0 provides the ability to educate sales associates about the brand every single time they log in a claim. And Validation 2.0, with it’s intelligent built-in fraud detection, significantly reduces fraud in the channel.