What’s your superpower? Theresa Caragol Ep. 52

Theresa Caragol, Founder and CEO of AchieveUnite, joins ChannelEdge to share what she’s hearing in recent round-tables her organization is facilitating related to the Covid-19 crisis. Listen in as Theresa talks about superpowers a topic that came up in her most recent round-table on collaboration and innovation. What makes a business or person extraordinary or

driving channel success

Driving Channel Success and Customer Experience During Covid-19 Ep. 50 Lisa Penn

Lisa Penn rejoins ChannelEdge to discuss driving channel success and improving customer experience post Covid-19. Lisa drops key wisdom bombs like: “Vendors need to acknowledge your partners are going through some critical issues and they need help” She also shares her three key steps to driving channel success now and post the pandemic: Get your

sales enablement

Sales Enablement – What’s happening now? EP. 49 Andrea “The BlitzMaster”

How has Covid-19 changed prospecting? Listen in as Andrea Sittig-Rolf, “The BlitzMaster” shares how the approach to sales enablement is changing due to the virus. The BlitzMaster recommends companies rethink their value propositions in the light of the current situation and invest in sales enablement, partner rewards and partner assistance. Everyone simply needs to step

partner experience

Improving Partner Experience with 3C’s | EP. 48 Cameron Avery

Why is Marketing enablement more important than ever? And why is it so critical to view through a superior dealer / partner experience lens? This week’s guest, Cameron Avery the CEO of Elastic Digital explains why he believes you start with 3C’s: Content, Cadence and Communication. Listen in as Cameron discusses the importance of portal

Liz Cope: PX Becomes CX, A Real World, Enterprise Wide Strategy Discussion

Ep. 45 – Liz Cope: PX Becomes CX, A Real World, Enterprise Wide Strategy Discussion

How good is your end to end partner/dealer CX, really – be honest? How do you enrich a single customer’s moment, interaction and transaction? Or as Liz Cope puts it, their “In the moment customer experience.” Everything the partner goes through from the moment that relationship is built should feel like a smooth personalized business