BONUS – Scott Armstrong: Aligning Marketing Tactics to the Buyer’s Journey

 “Machines don’t create trust; emotion creates trust and emotion is between people.”

Scott Armstrong is a partner at Brainrider, a B2B marketing agency that helps businesses adopt and optimize a pipeline strategy, run more effective campaigns, and ultimately drive more business revenue.  He also happens to enjoy teaching because, as many of us know, teaching is a great way to grow and to integrate and synthesize knowledge in our own minds.  I first met Scott a few minutes after he had finished presenting to a highly engaged audience at a Sirius Decisions channel event a few months back and it was clear he’d make a great guest for the podcast.

In this episode, we dive into personalization at scale, building trust with prospects, and drivers for aligning marketing tactics to the digital buyer’s journey.  In our conversation, we reference a handy Aligning Marketing Tactics to the Buyer’s Journey at-a-glance document that Scott’s team has created.  I think you’ll find it helpful, so it’s linked (ungated) below.  Enjoy.



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