Ep. 31 – Angela Leech: The Reseller/Buyer Connection is Broken

“17, 70, 23, 62, and 1 are the five big numbers that we (Forrester) are relating to channel marketing high performance…”

High-performance channel marketing, encoded in a short set of numbers; intriguing, isn’t it?  After all, who among us doesn’t want to run high-performing channel marketing campaigns?  However, what do these numbers mean and where did they come from?

Angela Leech loves talking incentives. As a Senior Research Director for Channel Marketing at Forrester Research, she has an in-depth view of what some of the world’s top-performing companies are doing to grow their channel business. In this episode, she shares findings from a vast dataset drawn from 400 clients of Forrester’s Channel Marketing practice.  The premise is simple; digital transformation is leaving loads of partners behind who are slow or reluctant to adapt to the new digital buyer’s journey, and as brands, there are loads of opportunities for us to add value and enable our partners to get up to speed so we can all reach our high-growth potential.

This episode delivers some high-value and well-researched benchmarking data and insights for anyone looking to grow or improve their channel marketing programs, including some helpful baseline spend metrics.


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