Sales Enablement – What’s happening now? EP. 49 Andrea “The BlitzMaster”

How has Covid-19 changed prospecting? Listen in as Andrea Sittig-Rolf, “The BlitzMaster” shares how the approach to sales enablement is changing due to the virus.

The BlitzMaster recommends companies rethink their value propositions in the light of the current situation and invest in sales enablement, partner rewards and partner assistance. Everyone simply needs to step back and ask: “How can my product/service help others through today’s challenge?”

Andrea Sittig- Rolf is Chief BlitzMaster at BlitzMasters and author of The Seven Keys to Effective Business-to-Business Appointment Setting. Andrea frequently emcees and delivers keynotes at corporate events. For over 25 years, her interactive and entertaining approach has inspired and empowered salespeople to be their best.


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