Ep. 42 – Melanie Zevenbergen: Culture is The Difference Maker

“What I’m terrified of is losing that humanity as we grow…”

That’s what keeps Melanie Zevenbergen Vice President of Sales & Channel Enablement for CommScope, up at night. While her focus remains on leading the introduction of new technologies, processes and initiatives, she can’t help but have a passion for great culture. For Melanie, so much of the company’s success hinges on their ability to work effectively together not just internally, but with third parties. The question is how to make that happen in a complicated, diversified and fast-moving channel world.

In this episode, Steven and Melanie discuss her practice of vetting potential channel vendors for cultural fit. After all, she reasons that since so many companies today heavily weigh culture in the hiring of their team members, why would you not optimize for vendor cultural fit to the same degree? Perhaps this is an idea whose time has come? Listen in as Melanie shares the what, why, and how of screening vendors for cultural fit.


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