Driving Channel Success and Customer Experience During Covid-19 Ep. 50 Lisa Penn

Lisa Penn rejoins ChannelEdge to discuss driving channel success and improving customer experience post Covid-19. Lisa drops key wisdom bombs like:

“Vendors need to acknowledge your partners are going through some critical issues and they need help”

She also shares her three key steps to driving channel success now and post the pandemic:

  1. Get your own house in order – look inward first – get it right internally – know your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Put the Customer first – from partners to the install base, don’t just offer assistance, be genuine, be empathetic, build long term relationships
  3. Drive consistency – be there for your channel, stay consistent and flexible – emphasis communications, leverage field people to social

We’re living in a new world paradigm and to survive and thrive we need to adapt our channel strategies to drive customer and channel success. Shift from hard selling, show some empathy, share thought leadership to help them survive. This will create loyalty amongst existing customers and help you uncover net new ones.


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