Ep. 36 – Lori Cornmesser: Should We Treat Resellers as Customers?

“Are you speaking your partners’ language?”

Lori Cornmesser is VP of Worldwide Partner and Alliance Sales at Infoblox where’s she’s responsible for indirect sales, partner performance, channel reach, revenue attainment, and partner profitability.  Lori got her start in the managed services and network security fields 25 years ago and has brought a hard-charging approach to the work she does.

In this episode, Lori and Steven explore the idea that an increasing number of brands selling B2B are integrating strategy and tactics straight out of many of today’s B2C brand playbooks.  They dig into how to make sense of this approach, along with tips for the best practices to apply and pitfalls to avoid.

There’s a new value proposition that has to be developed,” says Lori. “Vendors are focused on business outcomes and so our language needs to change…”


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