Ep. 37 – Amy Belcher: Top 3 Areas of Investment For Channel Success

“The reality is that in a channel there are still a lot of in-person sales that happen…”

Amy Belcher is VP of Global Partner Marketing at Xerox with a history of successes in channel expansion and growth & a focus on revenue acceleration.  Repeatedly recognized for her consistent achievements in this area, Amy was recently named CRN’s Power 100: The Most Powerful Women of the Channel in 2018.  She joins the podcast to talk about partner success and the difficulties inherent with digital transformation.

As we work during a time that many believe to be an era of post-digital transformation, many brands cringe at the prospect of live events showing up in planning and budgeting for channel marketing.  Amy, however, has a fresh take on the balance between the digital and the analog.  Highly cognizant of the enormous leverage that the digital toolset brings to marketers, especially the ability to deliver well-timed information in easily digestible packets, Amy remains grounded by the idea that a sales channel is still fundamentally a function of human exchange. While she can easily identify and prioritize the top three areas of investment for channel success, stack-ranking them becomes a whole other challenge…


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