Ep. 30 – Janet Schijns on Partner Growth: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Incentives?

“What you cannot measure, you cannot get results on…”

Janet Schijns is the CEO of the JS Group following years of channel work at companies such as Office Depot, Verizon, and Motorola.  Considered an expert in mobility, IOT, services and solutions routes to market, Janet was also recently named Channel Influencer of The Year by Channel Partners Online, followed by a headlining keynote at their recent annual conference in Las Vegas.  She’s back on the podcast to talk partner growth, but you can also catch Janet in person at Relevance ’19, 360insights’ channel-focused marketing conference, happening in September 2019 in Toronto.

This episode is a call to action or maybe more along the lines of a swift kick for brands who know they need to do a better job of measuring partner and other incentive programs.  Janet has some absolutely jarring stats on the degree of waste in MDF/co-op programs, some remarkable insights into what’s working out there in 2019, along with some super practical (nobody said “easy”) ways to think about incentive program KPIs.  The goal, of course, is to evolve the way we measure by evolving what we measure in our incentive programs.  After all, the right behaviours are going drive better results and defining then measuring those behaviours is the first step in the right direction…


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