BONUS – Jay Baer on Talk Triggers

“In B2B, 91% of ALL purchases are influenced by word of mouth…”

Research shows that even in light of this truth, fewer than 1% of companies have a defined word of mouth strategy.

Jay Baer is the founder of Convince and Convert, and if you work in marketing you’ve most likely seen him at a conference or read his blog.  You probably also own more than one of his books, such as the best-selling Youtility, Hug Your Haters and most recently Talk Triggers.  (Fun fact: You can catch Jay in person at Relevance ’19, 360insights’ channel-focused marketing conference, happening this September in Toronto.) In many circles, Jay is known as an expert in B2C marketing, but as you’ll hear in this podcast, he talks about marketing principles that apply to anybody working to change the behaviours of another person, whether it’s B2C, B2B or, as with many of our listeners, B2B2C.

Ever sat in a brainstorming meeting where you discuss the unique value proposition your team is looking to convey in a forthcoming campaign?  Jay’s book Talk Triggers is about putting a strategic focus on the unique – not on gimmicks and not on anything less than repeatable process – but on building word of mouth triggers right into how you do business.

After all, as Jay puts it, “same is lame…”


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