Theresa Caragol – Partnering for Success

Ep. 44 – Theresa Caragol: Partnering for Success

“It is not about the transaction, it is about the relationship,” says Theresa Caragol — founder & CEO of AchieveUnite. What really is partnering for success, and how important is it to a successful go-to-market strategy? How and where does customer experience play a role? Where do you start, and how do you build those

Heather Tenuto - What, Where, and How of Customer Success

Ep. 43 – Heather Tenuto: What, Where, & How of Customer Success

Where are you in your customer success journey? Are your customers feeling the love… literally? Many organizations are taking the leap and embracing the move beyond just the “customer first” notion and instead becoming “customer obsessed.” Simply because, as Heather Tenuto puts it, “the customer has never been more powerful than they are today.” In

Melanie Zevenbergen: Culture is The Difference Maker

Ep. 42 – Melanie Zevenbergen: Culture is The Difference Maker

“What I’m terrified of is losing that humanity as we grow…” That’s what keeps Melanie Zevenbergen Vice President of Sales & Channel Enablement for CommScope, up at night. While her focus remains on leading the introduction of new technologies, processes and initiatives, she can’t help but have a passion for great culture. For Melanie, so

Ep. 41 - Jennifer McCready: Channel Strategy From Scratch

Ep. 41 – Jennifer McCready: Channel Strategy From Scratch

Have you ever thought about how you would build a program with no legacy organizational contracts? Well, Jennifer McCready, the Global Channel Chief for Steelcase definitely has. In this podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with her about some insights she’s acquired managing channel strategy. So, what does she believe is a key starting

Episode 40 - Melinda Aguilar - What's Vendor to Do?

Ep. 40 – Melinda Aguilar: What’s a Vendor to Do?

“They NEED to all stick with rebates…” Melinda Aguilar is back for round two.  After kicking up dust in her first appearance back on episode 38, Dear Vendor, Let Me Introduce You to Our Customer…. she’s back to share her perspective on what makes a great partnership with a vendor.  If you haven’t checked out

Tommy Wald - Vendor, Reseller, Customer Symbiosis

Ep. 39 – Tommy Wald: MSP Optimization/Partner Symbiosis

You may have heard this theory before, we certainly have, resellers don’t always tell vendors and or customers exactly what they’re thinking. It can be difficult to build a strong lasting relationship if vendors, resellers and customers are not on the same page.  In this Channel Edge episode, we dig into the reseller experience to

Header image with a photo of Lori Cornmesser, VP of Worldwide Partner and Alliance Sales at Infoblox, episode title Should We Treat Resellers as Customers

Ep. 36 – Lori Cornmesser: Should We Treat Resellers as Customers?

“Are you speaking your partners’ language?” Lori Cornmesser is VP of Worldwide Partner and Alliance Sales at Infoblox where’s she’s responsible for indirect sales, partner performance, channel reach, revenue attainment, and partner profitability.  Lori got her start in the managed services and network security fields 25 years ago and has brought a hard-charging approach to