Header image with a photo of Angela Leech of Sirius Decisions, episode title Top 10 Channel Marketing Don’ts

Ep. 20 – Angela Leech: Top 10 Channel Marketing Don’ts

Angela Leech is the Senior Director of Research at Sirius Decisions and has over two decades working in and on channel partner and global partner programs.  Before joining SiriusDecisions, Angela worked at Adobe, where she managed the EMEA partner program and the channel marketing plan that was designed to support more than 36,000 partners for

Header image with a photo of Alyssa Fitzpatrick of Microsoft, episode title Accelerating Through the Turns

Ep. 18 – Alyssa Fitzpatrick: Accelerating Through the Turns

Alyssa Fitzpatrick is the GM of Worldwide Partner Sales at Microsoft, computer scientist and confessed adrenaline enthusiast with over 25 years in the software, technology and channel sales spaces.  Overseeing business with over 50,000 global channel partners with an iconic organization such as Microsoft gives Alyssa a unique perspective into how to engage and enable

Featured image header showing Meaghan Sullivan of SAP and episode title Women in The Channel

Ep. 17 – Meaghan Sullivan: Women in The Channel

A major player and key contributor in the channel world –  Meaghan Sullivan is the Head of General Business and Global Partner Marketing  at SAP.   In episode17 of Channel Edge, Meaghan has as a casual sit-down with Steven Kellam, 360insights VP of Alliances, where they discuss various issues ranging from gender inequality around the world,

Header image with a photo of Robert Cassard, episode title The Walls Come Tumblin Down sharing how accessible video has become for partner enablement.

Ep. 14 – Robert Cassard: The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down

Robert Cassard, aka The Video Growth Hacker and founder of Voodoo Video Marketing, is back for another episode and he has some exciting news to share with marketers of all stripes.  We’ve known for many years that the democratization of video production has been proliferating through more accessible tools such as cheaper cameras and simpler-to-use

Header image with a photo of Pete Przybylinski of Duckhorn Vineyards, episode title Optimize Channel Marketing with Data Insights about how to grow channel sales by using to data to help enable partners.

Ep. 12: Pete Przybylinski – Optimize Channel Marketing with Data Insights…and Duckhorn Wine!

Pete Przybylinski and the team at Duckhorn Vineyards have a ton of great ideas for using data to optimize their channel marketing.  Lucky for all of us, they also work in an interesting and highly-regulated space, making their story extra interesting to anyone working in marketing or partner enablement in the fast-moving and increasingly data-driven