Ep. 46: Sandra Glaser Cheek – Building From A Clean Slate Pt.1

If you could build a program any way you want, what would you do? Would you change everything? Or would you tweak what you have? This is a question many ask on a regular basis, but historically few have been able to act at will. Join us as Sandra Glaser Cheek, veteran Channel Chief, discusses the strategy behind making sweeping changes, and to no one’s surprise, data and measurement play a big role.

A proven leader with a reputation for innovation and inspiration, Sandra is a seasoned executive with a track record of driving strategies that build successful partnering practices across various disciplines, including sales, marketing, strategy and business development. Take a listen now to part one of two episodes where Sandra discusses the strategy for what it takes to maximize program results. And next week, join us for part II as we follow up Strategy with Program Execution.



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