Ep. 39 – Tommy Wald: MSP Optimization/Partner Symbiosis

You may have heard this theory before, we certainly have, resellers don’t always tell vendors and or customers exactly what they’re thinking. It can be difficult to build a strong lasting relationship if vendors, resellers and customers are not on the same page.  In this Channel Edge episode, we dig into the reseller experience to get some candid responses on what our reselling partners are really going through.

“The vendor community needs to understand that our business is driven by the customers’ experience …”

Tommy Wald is president of TW Tech Ventures, founder of “The MSP CEO”, and author of the book, The MSP CEO: Your Guide to Building a Successful MSP Business.  His background includes being a founder and CEO of a regional IT managed services provider (MSP) and as a consultant for various MSPs, vendors, and distributors.  Tommy’s practice experience is relevant to evolving business models, sales, social marketing, M&A, performance optimization, staffing, and sales performance.

As a veteran of the managed service provider (MSP) space, Tommy has seen a ton of change and loads of trends come and go.  One thing that remains true is the need for a true partnership between MSP vendors and their channel partners.  Channel marketing is only one piece of the puzzle; success today comes down to a shared emphasis on delivering value to customers.

Even in a competitive marketplace that puts downward price pressure on vendors, Tommy has some wisdom to share about growing profits while ensuring the health of all stakeholders…


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