Ep. 38 – Melinda Aguilar: Dear Vendor, Let Me Introduce You to Our Customer….

“Everyone acts like everything’s perfect, and that’s the problem …”

Melinda Aguilar is the sales manager at RenWes Sales in Lake Forest, CA but she’s also much more than that.  She is a 37-year veteran of the appliance business and proven number one appliance salesperson in North America, possibly even the world.  For this reason, she is often sought out by CEOs of the world’s top appliance companies who want to tap into her experience and wisdom.

In addition to having a baffling volume of SKU and part numbers that she can recite off the top of her head, she also has a well-earned perspective on the front-line end of her business.

In this episode, she shares what makes a great field sales rep and reflects the shifting marketplace drivers such as online reviews, Internet of things, and online sales.


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