Ep. 40 – Melinda Aguilar: What’s a Vendor to Do?

“They NEED to all stick with rebates…”

Melinda Aguilar is back for round two.  After kicking up dust in her first appearance back on episode 38, Dear Vendor, Let Me Introduce You to Our Customer…. she’s back to share her perspective on what makes a great partnership with a vendor.  If you haven’t checked out her first appearance, Melinda is the sales manager at RenWes Sales in Lake Forest, CA but she’s also much more than that.  She is a 37-year veteran of the appliance business and proven number one appliance salesperson in North America, possibly even the world.

Melinda’s last episode caused a stir with quite a few listeners – the main feedback being requests to have her back to talk from her perspective, about what vendors could do better to build great partnerships with their channel resellers.  Turns out it all boils down to a few key principles…


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