Channel Product

Accurate. Connected. Motivating.

Build your brand with the sales team and the consumer.

Channel programs are the black box of channel marketing – understood as a necessity, but not necessarily understood. Sales incentive, MDF/co-op, sell-through and volume incentives allowances are usually seen as a line item in a marketing budget that doesn’t always get a lot of scrutiny, especially in terms of return on investment.  360’s channel product helps you get more out of the box.

360insights is helping marketers better understand the potential that channel marketing programs can provide. Greater accuracy in tracking sales incentives, advertising spend, and inventory – along with the ability to provide greater motivation and support to individual salespeople, retailers and distributors alike – are the reasons why marketers are choosing 360insights channel modules.

Sales Incentives (SPIFFs)
Sell-Through Allowances
MDF & Co-op
Volume Incentives