MDF & Co-op

Better tracking and management of co-op marketing and fund management


Providing funds to distributors, dealers and retailers to promote your product is a great idea – in theory. But in practice, it’s difficult to track how the funds are being used, or whether they’re actually effective.

If, for example, if your dealer is using your co-op funds to advertise in the Yellow Pages (because that’s what they’ve always done), there’s a good chance it’s not working for them anymore. Or if they’re placing homemade ads in local newspapers without following your graphics standards, they’re probably not presenting your brand in the best light.

Typical co-op programs experience 30% – 40% non-compliance; with 360insights, it’s 3% – 5%.
360insights helps optimize your co-op and marketing development funds (MDF) programs by digitizing the entire process for the channel, from advertising plan submissions to quality control to media monitoring. A single view of each channel advertiser’s activity, all in one place.


All-in-one co-op solution Run your entire co-op and MDF programs on a single platform, with the ability to monitor for compliance, effectiveness, and spend, while providing an easy-to-deploy process for your channel partners.