Consumer Rebate Program

Engage customers and build advocates

Elevate Your Consumer Rebate Program

Deliver a superior consumer rebate program experience, engage consumers, build deeper relationships, optimize spending and reduce fraud all while you gain actionable market insights and build lasting customer connectivity.

Build Brand Advocates

Your consumer rebate program plays an essential role in engaging customers and building relationships – think of it as the last three feet of a buyer’s journey with your brand.  That’s why it’s so important to get it right.  Does your consumer rebate program build positive engagement or buyer’s remorse?

Managing rebate program ROI, compliance, payouts, and business impact can be painstaking difficult and costly. Solving the challenges can often take the focus away from delivering a great consumer experience, right from the program planning phase.

360insights helps your brand to provide consumers with an engaging user experience that builds relationships and a deeper understanding of your customers. Rebate payments are faster, more reliable and more accessible than ever, ensuring this important touchpoint is a positive experience and that expressing ROI is a breeze. Unlock the full potential of consumer rebates, gain meaningful actionable market insights and build the relationships that keep customers for life.

Consumer Rebate Processing

Offer traditional mail-in rebates (MIR), a simplified online or mobile rebate experience, or instant rebates at the point of purchase. The 360insights’ Channel Success Platform supports all methods to meet your customer needs.