Consumer Rebates

More process control, more marketing value, more customer satisfaction

Consumer Rebates Module

To compete with every other manufacturer offering rebates, you need to make it easier and faster for consumers to redeem. 360insights simplifies the rebates process for consumers, so that they get paid much more quickly than they do with paper-based rebates.
A rebate happens on the final leg of the customer journey – after the customer has made the decision to buy your product. But that doesn’t mean it should be an afterthought. 360insights helps turn your rebate program into an essential marketing tactic that can inform many of your future marketing initiatives, and influence the customer’s perception of your brand.


Paperless Processing The 360insights Rebates Module automates your channel rebates program. Your customer’s rebate claim is uploaded and processed immediately, not after weeks or months.

No forms to fill in, no paper receipts, no mail-in envelopes needed.