Insights Product

Detailed. Current. Actionable.

Data-driven sales channel insights that give you complete visibility

When you make a decision about your next channel marketing program – whether it’s about spending, timing, or location – you basically have three options:

  • You can follow what your gut is telling you – and run the expensive risk of being wrong;
  • You can follow what the competition is doing – and have difficulty cutting through the clutter; or
  • with 360insights, you can let data give you an accurate view of what’s really happening right now in your channel.

360insights provides you with real, actionable insights into consumer behavior and sales trends by geography, distributor, retailer, and even by individual salesperson.

Powered by current market data, you’re able to make more informed decisions about every aspect of your channel programs, with answers to specific questions concerning behaviour, opinion, and sales effectiveness. You’ll know what program to run next, where and when you should run it, and how much you should spend.


Data-driven decision-making. 360insights provides answers to specific questions you have about your channel programs, so that you can plan your next channel program with confidence.