3 elements to ultimate loyalty [Video]

The customer loyalty formula is difficult to lock down, yet it remains one of the most sought-after treasures in the commercial realm. To help you build a more loyal consumer base, we’ve boiled down loyalty into three elements. Let’s check it out the list.

First of all, your rebates need to be relevant and targeted, otherwise your customers won’t feel compelled to redeem these offers and stick around for more. Use past rebate campaign data to pinpoint what works and what missed the mark.

Next, you need to make it easy for customers to redeem these rebates, whether online or at the post office. Centralize your rebate program data on a single, easy-to-use system that allows for fast, simple redemption.

Finally, incentivize your sales channels to deliver superior service. Using a single platform to execute both sales incentives and consumer rebates allows you to find just the right blend of push vs. pull tactics to accomplish your business goals