Sales incentives that influence behavior

SPIFFs - Sales Incentives That Work!

The ideal time to influence channel behavior is before they begin talking to customers. Use incentives to ensure your channel is fully enabled and motivated to promote and represent your brand.

As a brand, your ability to influence channel sales reps is very limited. You don’t get face time with them, and the dealers and distributors between you and them would generally prefer you didn’t. They may have different goals and they also fear distraction.

To be successful you need to gain the sales person’s focus and influence their behavior without negatively impacting your relationship with channel principals.

SPIFFs (a.k.a., SPIF, SPIV, channel incentives, sales incentives)

SPIFFs are short-term payments targeted at individual sales reps encouraging them to push a specific product, bundle or service.  In order to optimize SPIFF programs for desired outcomes, the program should be built to have immediacy (reward needs to follow quickly) and little administrative burden.