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New milestone: Over a HALF-BILLION DOLLARS in claims processed

  • February 16, 2017

360 reaches new milestone

No doubt, channel marketing fulfillment is a cluttered space, with lots of companies vying for business from manufacturers and their channel partners.

But it’s clear that 360insights is quickly becoming the fulfillment processing company of choice for more and more global brands – especially in the appliance vertical.

The dollars speak for themselves: more than a half-billion dollars in channel marketing claims have been processed for appliance manufacturers last year alone. We’ve also reached 10 million individual claims processed since 360insights launched its spiff and rebate services in 2009.



“It’s an amazing new milestone for us,” said Jason Atkins, CEO of 360insights. “Our customers are relying on 360insights because we can process their spiff and rebate claims much more efficiently than our competitors. We can do it in minutes, not weeks – and because it’s all digitally processed, we give them a window into consumer behavior they’ve never really had before. It’s powerful stuff.”

Right now, 360insights works with 90% of all appliance brands in North America and the U.K., as well as 50% of buying groups, and 75% of appliance distributors.

“There’s definitely a groundswell of demand for what we offer,” Atkins went on to say. “Up until we came along, it’s been pretty much impossible for marketers to accurately account for the dollars they spend on their channel programs.”

“We’ve taken that last stretch of the customer journey – that time just before and just after the sale – and made it easier for salespeople to sell, and easier for consumers to make a purchasing decision,” said Jamie Cappelli, VP, Client Success at 360insights.

“We’re just getting started,” Atkins added. “This year, we’ll be launching more technology to help marketers get even more bang for their marketing bucks. It’s all about data-driven insights to help optimize spend of their channel programs.”

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