Three Features Your Rebate Vendor Should be Providing

  • January 04, 2018

Your rebate vendor should be ensuring your brand is fully integrated into the rebate experience. No interaction means that the brand loses a vital opportunity to connect with the consumer during redemption. They should also be providing you with industry expertise in building promotions and programs, so you can build brand advocates.

To ensure you’re leaving a lasting impression with your customers here are three features your incentive program vendor
should be providing:

1. Consistent Experience

Successful brands know that creating brand advocates is an easy way to generate channel success. There’s nothing more confusing than navigating through a seamless ecommerce experience and then being re-directed to an off branded retro portal that doesn’t follow the same look and feel. Often consumers question the legitimacy of the rebate when taken away from the normal brand experience. All aspects of the experience from the submission portal to payment should be consistent and in line with company branding standards and guidelines, to ensure they’re reminded of who’s incenting them.

2. Simplistic and Efficient Process

Your claimants don’t want to go through complex submission portals that make next to impossible to fill out the form. It deters any trust that you’ve formed with them and will deter them from purchasing from you again. Simplistic and efficient processes encourage higher rates of product registration that help attain regulatory standards for recalls and reduce future effort and resources.

3. Professional Service Leaders

Your rebate vendor should provide more than just a portal. They should provide support in the form of a team of highly trained professionals that can help your customers as well as your channel marketing team. For instance, the people on the other side of the phone with your claimants should represent your brand, being informative and understanding so that the consumer leaves with a positive experience.

Representing your brand means that they hold your values and are patient and helpful on the phones. If they are not in line with your values it could ruin the brand’s reputation and deter customers from interacting with your brand.

In summation, a vendor should provide not only a seamless channel management platform, but an experienced team of professional service leaders dedicated to designing, executing, measuring and improving overall rebate strategy.

With the right rebate processing partner, you can make sure that the rebate isn’t the last touchpoint, but the first of many.

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