How to Catch Fraud in Your Incentive Program

Companies lose out on billions of dollars every year through their incentive programs as a result of duplicate claims, inconsistent invoices, misinterpreted program requirements, and much more. Without a proper process for review, fraud or misinterpreted claims in your rebate program can detrimentally impact your bottom line and damage your credibility. In order to reduce

Building Brand Advocates While Avoiding Brand Detractors

By Jason Atkins July 29, 2013 In July I keynoted the Incentive Marketing Association’s Annual Executive Summit session on technology. In a talk entitled “Connect Through Technology,” I spoke about the way technology and customer lifetime value can drive consumer advocacy for a company or product and reshape how promotional programs are executed today. In

Incentive Auditor’s Promotion Checklist

By: Jason Atkins  Upon reading Kevin Martin’s article, 7 Ways To Cut Incentive Fraud yesterday, I was reminded of a handy checklist we created for a talk I gave to some Deloitte auditors a few months ago. It’s called the Auditor’s Promotion Checklist.   Internally, we refer to it as the line auditor’s cheat sheat, and it’s