3 tips for getting a SPIFF program off to a good start [Video]

Welcome¬†to the 360insights blog, where we’ll spend¬†December focused on helping you to improve your SPIFF programs.

To kick things off, here are three tips that will help you get your sales incentive programs going on the right foot.

First, don’t neglect training. You can’t expect sales workers to move your product if they don’t understand its features, after all.

Second, keep requirements simple. The goal is to motivate sales partners, so avoid bogging the SPIFF program down in rules and regulations. Make eligibility and payout guidelines simple so partners don’t disengage wondering what’s going on.

Third, use past data to inform current strategies. Digital channel management tools give you easy access to sales data. Use that historic information to help you identify what is important moving forward.

These tips can help you get a SPIFF program going strong. Check back with us later this month for more advice.