New E-Book: An Inside Look At Sell-Through Allowances

It’s no secret: sell-through allowance (STA) programs are the most reviled incentive in the channel marketing world.  That doesn’t mean that they should be thrown out like yesterday’s leftovers – it means that the brand who delivers an amazing STA program then has a huge advantage over their competitors!

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In researching for the creation of this e-book, our biggest challenge was finding any other positive material that had been written about STA.  We spoke to store owners and owners of regional chains and the sentiment was universally negative: STA stinks!

As with any research however, we were able to detect a pattern of the biggest problems and once you have identified what the problem is, you’re well on your way to a solution.

We have shared what we’ve learned in a free e-book that we’re launching today.  I invite you to download it now and enjoy a bit of light reading over this weekend.   Maybe your brand will be the first one on the scene with a sell-through program that is loved in the channels?

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