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Award Programs – 6 Tips to Success

Award Programs: 6 Tips to More Success Many companies are making final tweaks to their award programs as they roll them out for 2018. To assist this effort we thought we’d share some knowledge learned over the years for making award programs really work. The following are seven tips to help you get the most


360insights Takes MDF & CO-OP to a New Level

360insights Announces MDF & CO-OP Funds Management Enhancements December 19, 2017, Farmington Hills, MI – 360insights, a company providing solutions for Rebates, SPIFFs, Volume Incentives, Co-Op Advertising, Sell-Through Allowances and Reward Points Programs, announced a new release of its CO-OP Advertising & Marketing Development Funds (MDF) Module. The new release offers enhancements in Pre-Approvals, Claims, Reporting, and

Why Flexibility is Essential With Your Incentive Program

Traditionally, an enterprise might run a single incentive program on a national level, using data from large geographical landscapes to influence an entire campaign. Although using this data might be beneficial to some locations, it can actually harm a vast majority of other locations. Today, the way brands have the ability to interact with their


Challenges of Moving From CO-OP to MDF

Challenges of Moving From CO-OP to MDF Most companies that sell through distribution support their channel partners with some form of market development funds (MDF). This set aside usually starts a percentage of revenue, or CO-OP, to support partner efforts in developing new market opportunities. This is a win/win for both brands and channel partners

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Channel Awards 101: Which Channel Incentive Is Best?

Channel Awards: Which Channel Incentive Is Best? Channel awards are key for driving sales and increasing product awareness.  However, participation and overall channel award program success will only be as good as the incentive offered.  Matching the right channel awards to the program goals and to the participant base is critical. Should you use travel

Rethinking ROI on Promotional Spend

The question of Return on Investment (ROI) on incentive programs has always been prevalent among CMO’s and channel marketing managers. Obviously, the greater the monetary return – the better the program, but the question is usually one of how to best measure the true return on promotional spend. In today’s business world, measuring solely for financial

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Channel Loyalty Programs – Top 3 Reasons They Fail

Channel Loyalty Programs – Top 3 Reasons They Fail Why do channel loyalty programs fail? The reasons run the gamut from poorly conceived programs to lack of organization commitment, through execution. Today, we’re going to address the big reason these programs fail. Channel loyalty programs are important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re like