Laz Gonzalez says: Channel Management Process Precedes Technology

Ep. 6 – Channel Management Process Precedes Technology

“Well, first of all, I think it IS your fault…” Either as a matter of convenience or one of expedience, Laz Gonzalez thinks that most of us are doing it backwards. A prominent industry analyst and thought leader, Laz brings unparalleled channel expertise to his role as Chief Strategy Officer at Zift and has served

360Insights Strengthens Co-op Advertising Platform Capabilities

360insights Acquires Through-Channel

360insights acquires Through-Channel Marketing; Strengthens Co-op Advertising Platform Capabilities WHITBY, ON. (March 7th, 2018) – 360insights, a global leader in channel management software and pioneer in channel incentives, promotional analytics and channel insights, announced today the acquisition of Through-Channel, a market leading co-op advertising platform. This acquisition strengthens the existing co-op funds management capabilities of

award programs

Award Programs – 6 Tips to Success

Award Programs: 6 Tips to More Success Many companies are making final tweaks to their award programs as they roll them out for 2018. To assist this effort we thought we’d share some knowledge learned over the years for making award programs really work. The following are seven tips to help you get the most


Extracting Extra Business Value From Channel Programs

Is your organization aligned around how to best realize optimal business value from your channel programs? According to Forrester’s latest report, Forrester Tech Tide: Channel Software Q1, defining and aligning around such an understanding is an initiative that is worth more focus than ever as emerging technologies make it easier to realize and measure return

360insights Cited As High Business Value Provider In Forrester Tech Tide Report

WHITBY, ON. (January 11, 2018) – Forrester Research released its Forrester Tech Tide: Channel Software Q1 report for 2018 yesterday which names 360insights among the leading vendors delivering a business return on investment over the lifetime of the technology.  The report re-emphasizes the need for actionable data as it is the key differentiator for best-in-class


360insights Takes MDF & CO-OP to a New Level

360insights Announces MDF & CO-OP Funds Management Enhancements December 19, 2017, Farmington Hills, MI – 360insights, a company providing solutions for Rebates, SPIFFs, Volume Incentives, Co-Op Advertising, Sell-Through Allowances and Reward Points Programs, announced a new release of its CO-OP Advertising & Marketing Development Funds (MDF) Module. The new release offers enhancements in Pre-Approvals, Claims, Reporting, and


Challenges of Moving From CO-OP to MDF

Challenges of Moving From CO-OP to MDF Most companies that sell through distribution support their channel partners with some form of market development funds (MDF). This set aside usually starts a percentage of revenue, or CO-OP, to support partner efforts in developing new market opportunities. This is a win/win for both brands and channel partners

channel awards

Channel Awards 101: Which Channel Incentive Is Best?

Channel Awards: Which Channel Incentive Is Best? Channel awards are key for driving sales and increasing product awareness.  However, participation and overall channel award program success will only be as good as the incentive offered.  Matching the right channel awards to the program goals and to the participant base is critical. Should you use travel

Here’s How You Should Thank Your Channel

It’s no secret your sales channel does a lot for your brand. From suggesting your products to building meaningful relationships with repeat buyers. Your sales channel inevitably has the power to dictate how well your product does on the sales floor. Showing appreciation to your channel through grand gestures then, is not just a courtesy,