Channel KPI Usage

The State of Channel KPI Usage

The State of Channel KPI Usage: Channel Pulse Exclusive In this quarter’s Channel Pulse, we decided to take a closer look at the state of channel KPI usage and channel transformation across all verticals.  If you want to understand what drives an individual or organization to perform better, always look first at the measures of

Collision 2019 Conference Highlights

Collision 2019: Developing Talent for Women in Tech

Collision 2019 offers unique opportunity for Women in Tech One of North America’s fastest growing tech conferences, Collision 2019, took place in Toronto at the Enercare Centre and this year, 360insights’ Data Scientist, Adele Hedrick, attended.  Also present was Adele’s mentee from Ontario Tech University Luisa Rojas Garcia, a Master of Science in Computer Science

retail transformation

Retail Transformation Driving an Incentive Evolution

Retail Transformation Driving an Incentive Evolution Retail transformation is necessary to adapt to continuing changes to consumer behaviors. When we think about changes in retail, we tend to think Amazon or Internet retailing. These however are just the latest disruptions. Looking back over the last century retail has been in a constant state of disruption

integrated channel platforms

Integrated Channel Platforms Improving Sales & Marketing Performance

Integrated Channel Platforms Improving Sales & Marketing Performance There’s no question today’s vast array of digital sales and marketing technologies present a unique set of challenges for brand managers, especially when complex channel relationships are involved. Breaking through the clutter and determining the right mix for integrated channel platforms to support channel partners has never been more difficult.

channel marketing challenge

Channel Marketing Challenge

The Channel Marketing Challenge Local channel marketing has become increasingly more important for brands over the last several years. Getting channel partners to engage in online local marketing is the new channel marketing challenge. Why do brands need their partners to do channel marketing? Channel partners often give marketing very little attention. A small business


4 Keys to Channel Management Success

4 Keys to Channel Management Success If you are going to effectively implement channel management there are four key things you’ll need to master: channel readiness, local demand generation, channel focus, and continuous improvement. Good channel management systems will embrace all four of these practices. Channel Readiness How ready is your sales channel? It’s a simple

How To Handle Negative Online Reviews: Keep Calm, Monitor And Act

Online reviews can be a real hornet’s nest sometimes, can’t they? While they can be so helpful when building a reputation for your business, it’s tough at first to know how to handle negative online reviews. It’s actually really great that people can leave us feedback publicly and online. Great because it helps us stay