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Channel Success Platform™ Industry Clouds

The dedicated clouds that exist on top of the Channel Success Platform™ offer brands new tools for embedding smart, personalized and connected experiences anywhere. Each unique cloud brings the entire industry ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers together to more accurately forecast, plan and drive predictable business performance. From automating manual processes, to gaining real-time tracking against valuable KPIs like partner engagement, demand creation, sales cycle length and pipeline; companies are now able to effortlessly manage complex incentive plan design and execution like never before.

Today’s Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) channels have never been more complex, and the stakes have never been higher. Multiple ecosystems of different partner resellers, service providers, and influencers are all converging around the customer to gain mindshare and market share. This new state of play requires more than management, its needs incentives automation (IA). IA seamlessly nets together the full portfolio of incentive models, tools, and managed services in an automated platform to allow frictionless cross ecosystem orchestration. 

Layered into the 360insights Channel Success Platform™, the 360 Tech Cloud is a flexible platform comprised of a collection of cloud services, which includes purpose-built incentive automation (IA) apps, customized data models, APIs and workflows.  The 360 Tech Cloud transforms proven incentive programs (i.e., SPIFS, MDF/Co-Op, Rewards, Rebates, etc.) into intelligent engagement tools that automatically deploy the right mix, level, and cadence of incentives to improve revenue and profit from the channel. It also flawlessly handles global program deployments across social networks and mobile devices with multilingual and multi-currency capabilities.

The 360 Tech Cloud offers complete TMT ecosystem orchestration by delivering a “single pane of glass” experience that centralizes channel incentives management across the industry’s entire universe of suppliers, partners, and customers. The 360 Tech Cloud easily integrates at scale, giving channel sales and marketing teams the tools to maximize productivity and drive engagement throughout the partner journey. Plus, its multi-modal design and functionality allows companies to easily deliver an intuitive, personalized, and branded user experience across any device.

The 360 Tech Cloud is currently in production with thousands of partners worldwide, in multiple currencies and languages – making clients dramatically more competitive and more efficient driving business performance.

According to McKinsey automotive OEMs spend between 10% to 20% of their revenue on incentives – with recent spending reaching an all-time high. With increased spending comes new and constantly changing incentive plans and customer offers – making it difficult for auto dealers to keep up. An OEM can offer dozens of programs which can change on almost a daily basis. Dealers carrying more than one brand can be faced with hundreds of programs to manage for the various vehicle models and options they offer. 

Car buyers are also adding aftermarket accessories like tires, wheels, floor mats and stereos to vehicles at record rates. These can be some of the highest margin products for car dealers and they also drive revenue across many independent retailers. In fact, the global automotive aftermarket is expected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020. This presents a super-charged opportunity for car dealers and other aftermarket players to capitalize on growing sales. However, with thousands of options, new product launches and an evolving auto-buying customer journey, how do you get the mindshare of these buyers?

360insights helps accessories providers gain mindshare of distributors, retailers, car dealers and consumers. Our consumer rebate and SPIFF programs place the focus on your products and services to ensure revenue goals are achieved.


Tire shoppers are often price-sensitive, which is why brands frequently run consumer rebate programs to steer their buying decisions. Most tire shoppers also don’t know what tires to buy or what makes one tire different from another. They frequently start conversations with sales asking: “what tires are best for my car?” With seventy to ninety percent of a tire salesperson’s income coming from manufacturer sales incentives the salesperson recommends brands paying the highest incentive.

Suffice it to say incentives play a big role in the tire sales process and 360insights is the world’s leading provider of incentive solutions for this market.  Tire sales personnel use 360insights’ Channel Success Platform™ to track their incentive earnings and payouts. Tire manufacturers use it to determine dealer performance and the ROI of incentive programs.

Companies that manufacture building supplies have traditionally sold into the channel, including Big Box, contractors and other dealers, and then immediately lost sight of who was re-selling and buying their products. Those days are over. Get ready to engage your consumers like never before — get ready to understand your channel’s behavior better – all using the power of data! With 360insights’ Channel Success Platform™, you’ll have the ability to support your dealers with great incentives while connecting with consumers and paving the way to re-marketing and growing future business together.

Whether it’s a Spiff, Rebate, or Sell-Through Allowance, you’ll be able to monitor your incentives mix in real time. And by leveraging the insights from your program reporting, you’ll have the power to build even more effective programs every time you launch. That’s why some of the largest, most valuable brands in the building industries already use the Channel Success Platform™ to manage their complex sales channels.

Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen & Bath brands have to deal with a variety of challenges including an infrequent and segmented buyers journey. Add to that, an increasingly competitive market that is fighting for the consumer dollar during uncertain times. It’s more critical now more than ever to meaningfully engage consumers, enable and support your network of retailers, dealers and designers, and create ongoing loyalty among both. It may seem unsurmountable, but with advanced data insights and the right data-centric incentives platform that can handle as many challenges as you throw at it, success can be achieved.

The 360insights Channel Success Platform is designed to provide meaningful insights so brands can create informed distribution, retail and consumer experience strategies. The platform is engineered to create customer satisfaction, motivate sales teams, drive sales, and uncover deep market insights so consumer durable brands can take their sales efforts to the next level.


Today’s connected customers have raised needs and expectations of HVAC service teams. Providers of commercial, residential and institutional building applications need best-practices and know-how related to the latest products, trends and business strategies to be successful. They also need to invest in branding, awareness, marketing pipeline and lead generation.

360insights’ Channel Success Platform™ motivates contractors and their customers, agents, dispatcher, and technicians with powerful incentives. Incentives can be used to encourage market development, enablement, revenue, digital transformation and many other behaviours vendors need from their channel to achieve success.

Retail / Buy Groups

Retail has become a war that is being won and lost on the battlefield of customer experience. To know where it’s all headed, brands need data to understand their wins and losses, then re-strategize accordingly. 360insights’ Channel Success Platform™ provides meaningful insights to inform smart strategy, while paving the way to greater connectivity with those who matter most: your customers. Our platform gives you the flexibility to deploy customized incentive programs, tailored to meet the unique market conditions of every territory where you operate.

Our customizable, responsive web portals mean that your customers can submit rebate claims while they’re still on your premises; they feel valued and appreciated right away, validating their decision to do business with you in the first place. Plus, as the first incentives provider to offer a donations option for consumer rebates with our Charitable Giving Solution, 360insights offers retail brands a new and more meaningful way to connect with their consumers on a deeper lever by giving back to the greater community together.

Few industries have faced more hurdles to incentives and meetings in recent years than pharmaceuticals. From the restrictions on giving healthcare providers virtually anything of value except travel to educational events under scrutiny, pharmaceutical organizations have to be smart, think creatively and, most importantly, use the insight they have to make better incentive decisions.

The Pharma-incentives experts at 360insights understand the unique landscape of motivation in this space and are equipped with the right experience and tools to create, execute and manage any sales incentive campaign. From rebates for doctors to digital marketing support, along with deep data insights – driven by the 360insights’ Channel Success Platform™ – 360insights has the know-how to elevate any pharmaceutical brands’ incentive effectiveness and ROI.

Eye Care

The eye care industry, which includes manufacturers and service providers who make and bring contact lenses, corrective and fashion eye-wear and ophthalmic lenses and devices to market, is experiencing explosive growth. From an aging population to a millennial fashion accessory, the eye care market is evolving – putting significant pressure on companies to refine go-to-market strategies, enhance distribution and create better customer experiences.

An explosion of data sources combined with the lack of skilled data professionals has made it difficult for eye care companies to navigate the ever-changing complex channel and consumer ecosystem. To solve the underlying “big data” challenge, many brands are turning to their channel platform providers to cost-efficiently manage data volume, velocity, and to effectively capture, process and manage data for powering real-time, predictive analytics that generate increased ROI.

360insights’ Channel Success Platform™ captures data at the last leg of the customer journey – at the point-of-sale, and just-out-of-the-box. We offer the industry know-how that goes far beyond what data, technology and science can offer on their own and provide the in-house expertise to help you optimize the return from your channel incentive programs.

channel incentives


“The (360insights) reporting enabled the sales team to actively compete in growing their accounts, and we had one customer whose sales increased by 200% and many others that had over 100% increases.”