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How we’re driving new innovation in long-established industries

Accelerating processes. Enhancing customer experiences. Creating more market impact. In every industry we serve we provide effective incentives, reducing administrative burdens, removing paper processes and, most important, building stronger connections between brands, channels, and consumers.

Our clients are large, valuable brands that have complex sales channels and want to demonstrate leadership in their respective industries. They leverage the flexibility, visibility, insights and incredible user experience provided by 360insights in order to achieve their goals.


Sales in the automotive industry continue to break their own records – both in new car sales and aftermarket parts. New vehicle sales have skyrocketed, but don’t let those numbers fool you into thinking the aftermarket is stagnant. Older vehicles are simply lasting longer. This positive trend has a downside – managing increasingly complex incentives programs is more than a spreadsheet can handle. You need a cloud tool that’s engineered to give you the power to design, refine, execute and analyze your incentive programs, all within user-friendly interface. You need the Channel Success Platform™. Deploy training, run sales contests right to the dealer level and track program performance all in real time. Process claims and distribute payments in days instead of months, while significantly reducing fraudulent claims. The Channel Success Platform™ will keep your incentives programs running like a finely tuned car.


For too long, manufacturing companies have sold into the channel then immediately lost sight of who was re-selling and buying their products. Those days are over. Get ready to engage your consumers like never before — get ready to win! With the Channel Success Platform™, you’ll have the ability to support your dealers with great incentives while connecting with consumers and paving the way to re-marketing and growing future business together. Whether it’s a Spiff, Rebate, or Sell-Through Allowance, you’ll be able to monitor your incentives mix in real time. And by leveraging the insights from your program reporting, you’ll have the power to build even more effective programs every time you launch. That’s why some of the largest, most valuable brands in the appliance, furniture, and bedding industries already use the Channel Success Platform™ to manage their complex sales channels.


Insurance is one of the few industries that can boast about their longevity, and yet insurance carriers today have to deal with more go-to-market and client engagement models than ever before. Insurance brokers and agents are demanding better digital capabilities from carriers to increase their ease of doing business, but your legacy systems can bog down the rate at which new digital strategies can be adopted. To remain competitive and win a larger share of the customer’s wallet, insurers must adjust their business and service models. And that’s what the 360insights’ Channel Success Platform™ is all about. As you develop new business models you’ll need incentive programs to support those them. This means going beyond optimizing touch-points to optimizing interactions across channels and across functional silos. The Channel Success Platform™ will let you influence broker and agent behavior and open new doors to markets and consumers that are currently under served. Step out of the old world and into the new age of insurance – one where success continues on into the future.


Technology companies have long enjoyed the benefits of being first with incredible new products. That’s why some of the world’s top tech brands are now enjoying the advantage of being the first to offer sales and consumer incentives that are as leading edge as their products. Your channel and consumers are the early adopters; the people who can’t wait to experience the latest technology your company has to offer. Meet them where they’re at: Responsive, customized web portals for rewards programs that work on any connected device show your channel and consumers that you care as much about their user experience as you do about innovation. This is true business leadership.


Retail has become a war that is being won and lost on the battlefield of customer experience. To know where it’s all headed, brands need data to understand their wins and losses, then re-strategize accordingly. The 360 platform provides meaningful insights to inform smart strategy, while paving the way to greater connectivity with those who matter most : your customers. The 360 platform gives you the flexibility to deploy customized incentive programs, tailored to meet the unique market conditions of every territory where you operate. Our customizable, responsive web portals mean that your customers can submit rebate claims while they’re still on your premises; they feel valued and appreciated right away, validating their decision to do business with you in the first place.


There has been a sea change in the Telecom industry over the last decade with the explosion of the cloud. You’ve struggled to adapt your lead generation tactics from the old-school transactional business model to a relationship-oriented selling approach. Generating greater numbers of quality organic leads requires a greater and more diverse strategy, especially when competing against the climbing number of B2B Telecoms. Isn’t it about time to stop struggling and start succeeding? The Channel Success Platform™ will help you transcend these challenges by giving you the power to tailor your incentives strategy for each partner tier, product, and promotion – taking lead generation to a whole new level. And with the most robust, accurate data analytics in the industry, you’ll be able to refine programs and pivot at will – helping you optimize your ROI from the get go.