Flexibility. Visibility. Insight.

How we’re driving new innovation in long-established industries

Accelerating processes. Enhancing customer experiences. Creating more market impact. In every industry we serve, we’re reducing administrative burdens, removing paper processes and, most important, building stronger connections between brands, channels, and consumers.

Our clients are large, valuable brands that have complex sales channels and want to demonstrate leadership in their respective industries. They leverage the flexibility, visibility, insights and incredible user experience provided by 360 in order to achieve their goals.


For too long, tire companies have sold into the channel and immediately lost sight of who was selling and buying their products. With The Channel Success Platform™, tire manufacturers can support their dealers with great incentives while they connect with their consumers and pave the way to re-marketing and future business together.

If you’re used to selling into a distribution network and then losing site of where your goods are going after that, get ready for total channel visibility. Get ready to enjoy connectedness to your channel and the ability to deploy training and rewards programs that support both your partners and your own business goals. Get ready to engage with your consumers like never before. Get ready to win.


Nearly 100% of the North American and UK appliance industry’s channel and consumer incentives run on The 360’s Channel Success Platform™. The data from millions of claims has helped our clients make meaningful and profitable changes to the way they do business. The white goods space is incredibly competitive and the sales floor is where deals are won or lost. That’s why building connectivity between your brand and your channel is so incredibly important. Deploy training, run sales contests right to the dealer level and track program performance all in real time. Leverage the insights from your program reporting to build ever more effective programs every time you launch. It’s no coincidence that the top brands in this business are using 360insights to connect to and reward their channel and consumers.

Furniture & Bedding

Bedding industry execs have never slept better, knowing that their brands are offering the most competitive push money programs on the planet and engaging their consumers in ways that used to be impossible. Rebate program data helps them to see right through the channel and get to know their consumers, like never before. Fast paying, easy-to-use online Sales Incentive (SPIFF) portals help retail sales associates to feel connected and valued. Customer service that goes above and beyond expectation reaffirms to consumers that they have made the right choice, assuring them that they can start dreaming about what to do with their rebate money.


Technology companies have long enjoyed the benefits of being first with incredible new products. That’s why some of the world’s top tech brands are now enjoying the advantage of being the first to offer sales and consumer incentive programs that are as leading edge as their products. Your channel and consumers are the early adopters; the people who can’t wait to experience the latest technology your company has to offer. Meet them where they’re at: Responsive, customized web portals for rewards programs that work on any connected device show your channel and consumers that you care as much about their user experience as you do about innovation. This is true business leadership.


Retail has become a war that is being won and lost on the battlefield of customer experience. To know where it’s all headed, brands need data to understand their wins and losses, then re-strategize accordingly. The 360 platform provides meaningful insights to inform smart strategy, while paving the way to greater connectivity with those who matter most : your customers. The 360 platform gives you the flexibility to deploy customized incentive programs, tailored to meet the unique market conditions of every territory where you operate. Our customizable, responsive web portals mean that your customers can submit rebate claims while they’re still on your premises; they feel valued and appreciated right away, validating their decision to do business with you in the first place.