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The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down | Robert Cassard: Ep. 14

  • November 15, 2018

Robert Cassard, aka The Video Growth Hacker and founder of Voodoo Video Marketing, is back for another episode and he has some exciting news to share with marketers of all stripes.  We’ve known for many years that the democratization of video production has been proliferating through more accessible tools such as cheaper cameras and simpler-to-use editing software.  With many years under his belt of serving channel marketers, especially in support of their partner enablement initiatives, Robert has some new tips for us that make our jobs even easier and maybe even more fun.

Wait, Which Walls Come Down?

“The time and money and expertise that used to be barriers to entry in video marketing have just been evaporating, and lately that seems to be accelerating,” Robert starts.

With the ubiquity of camera phones that include video capability exceeding the output quality of the most upmarket video cameras from even just a decade ago, people often forget how difficult it used to be to shoot high-quality video.  Moreover, it has only been in the last couple of decades that the “editing suite” has moved from being another enormous hardware expense to being expensive software running on expensive computers and finally to today where surprisingly refined editing software is included on many very affordable laptops.

Another challenge that used to be very difficult to surmount was that of distribution.  Physical shipping was, naturally, the only way to distribute video marketing in the days of physical mediums such as videotape and DVDs.  With the digitization and compression of today’s video files, distribution can be as simple as sending out an email with a link to view video or offering streaming video, embedded on any number of websites such as your corporate site, those of your partner resellers or even within your incentive portal.

Moore’s Law, the observation that the number of transistors in a densely integrated circuit doubles about every two years, is what we to thank for the last element of this democratization of production.  The ever-increasing computing power of the above devices and the Internet bandwidth that enables us to send them around nearly at will are the final pieces in the levelling puzzle.

What About My Brand Standards?

Robert isn’t suggesting that every person in your org who has the capacity to be a producer should also be able to upload and distribute through your channels willy-nilly.  Brand standards can be fundamental, from accessibility compliance to logo usage and just generally presenting in a way that is sufficiently congruent with your brand image, technology enables us to maintain our standards while still producing rapidly.

He suggests tools such as Adobe’s new Premiere Rush mobile editor for producing high-quality outputs right from mobile devices.  Visual brand collateral such as logos and titling resources can be accessed via the company’s Creative Cloud portal, enabling team members in the field at conferences, visiting accounts, or offering to quickly produce engaging, useful videos while on the go.  Of course, many of these same folks are going to be busy or focused on other things while travelling so the portal can also be used for them to upload their raw recordings to be refined in post-production by in-house creative teams.

The Role of Video in Growing Your Brand & Channel

Sales Enablement – “I see clients who get new sales appointments literally every time they send out a video campaign,” says Robert.  Access to the tools mentioned above give each of us the power to create personalized, highly-customized video and add them to our marketing toolbox.

Optimizing for Search – Need to help your corporate site rank higher in the search engines?  Maybe you’ve been improving the overall SEO of your website, but your bounce rate still seems high?  Helping your page rank higher on Google is perhaps an unexpected benefit of having on page video, but Robert says that statistically, it provides a 53x multiplier for driving site visits.

Build Social Engagement – As social platforms continuously refine the algorithms that define what your followers can view in their feeds organically versus, say, posts that you need to sponsor or buy ads for in order to drive engagement, it becomes more complex and costlier to get your message out to the right people.   Using video in social media posts has the benefit of increasing post engagement by “ten times or more,” according to Robert.

Also, consider this stat: 2017 research by Google shows that 70% of YouTube viewers watch videos for “help with a problem” they’re having in their hobby, studies, or job.


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