Introducing Our #WomenInTech Blog Series

Jennifer Bell, VP of Marketing, 360insightsIt has been an exciting week for us so far here at 360.  On Monday Bruce Croxon, one of Canada’s original tech founders, mentioned us in a Financial Post article.  That same day, the Great Place To Work Institute named us the number eight Greatest Workplace For Women in Canada.  This was a huge honour, not just because we made it to the top ten after taking the twenty-third spot last year, but also because it was a great level-set for the 360 team as we prepared to celebrate International Women’s Day today.

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to a series of blog articles we’ll be posting over the coming weeks, featuring women who are making their careers in technology, a field that has historically been so male-dominated as to become a bit of cliché.  But worrying about clichés and tradition does not distract these ladies, many of whom I feel fortunate to call friends.

The women you will be meeting in these posts are doing the work that is at the very heart of the technological surge in today’s business world – they are the connectors, the communicators, the coders and the CEOs who are innovating and harnessing technology to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, business and otherwise.

And they are amazing.