WomenInTech: Hannah Kovacs

Hannah Kovacs

Years in Technology: 3
Current Title: Marketing Manager
Current Organization: PostBeyond

1. Why did you join the technology industry?
After graduating from my Masters in Immigration Policy, a friend and I built a beta web solution streamlining government immigration forms. It failed, but oddly enough that’s how I fell in love with tech!

2. Who is the person who has inspired you professionally?

Sheryl Sandberg. She’s a real #bosslady in my eyes – a leader, a mother, a wife – she does it all. After reading Lean In, I emailed her and she responded within 10 minutes. She’s a C-level executive that still listens and cares.

3. If you could give one piece of advice to your 13-year-old self what would it be?
Be fierce. Be bold. Be kind. Be patient. Don’t be afraid to fail because those are the lessons on which you will build your life. And don’t be afraid to ask for that pay raise or professional development opportunity, because you deserve it.

4. How do you think we can encourage more women in tech?
Bring the women around you, with you. It’s easy to get caught up in our own journey that we don’t realize the impact we can have on the women around us. That’s how I came upon the job I have now. A really good friend of mine seized an opportunity and invited me on the journey with her. Today, we are both part of the foundational team at a high growth tech company and advancing our careers in ways we never imagined. As women, we need to do more of this.

5. What is the best part of your job?

The people. We are a people-driven organization to begin with, so I’d say we tend to attract pretty awesome individuals. While the gender ratio is still male-dominated, I am lucky to work with some of the most amazing women (and men) in the Canadian tech industry. We are smart, compassionate, helpful and fun. But best of all, we lift each other up. We band together in hard times and always celebrate each other’s wins. To me, that’s priceless.