WomenInTech: Sarah Beatty

Sarah Beatty

Years in Technology:
1-2 years
Current Title: Customer Success Manager
Current Organization: PostBeyond

1. Why did you join the technology industry?
I’ve always had an affinity for tech, but joining the tech industry happened due to a hunch and serendipity. I had been working as a digital brand journalist but was craving a new challenge. In this hunt for something new, I stumbled across Ladies Learning Code. I signed up for a basic HTML and CSS workshop. From the first line of code I typed, I was hooked! In my eyes, technology is the closest thing to magic. It’s incredibly empowering to be able to bring your ideas to life digitally and create solutions with technology. After the first drop of the tech Kool-Aid, I knew I needed to be involved in the tech industry. I made it my mission to find a way to contribute to the wonderful world of tech while leveraging my PR and digital brand journalism skills. I lucked out and found a perfect role that leverages my content strategy background with my passion for using technology to solve problems at PostBeyond, and the rest is history!

2. Who is the person who has inspired you professionally?
I have been so fortunate to have many people through the years who have and continue to encourage, inspire and mentor me. But I think on a professional level the Wellness Entrepreneurs Duo Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are my biggest inspiration. Together they’ve leveraged technology to create an incredible digital community of women around the world working to live their best lives. I think it’s amazing that they’ve been able to grow an empowering empire entirely online and continue to evolve over the years.

3. If you could give one piece of advice to your 13-year-old self what would it be?
Think outside of the box when it comes to your career! I would tell myself to stoke those entrepreneurial fires, even at an early age. Invest in the skills I want to have rather than the job I think I should have. At 13 I think it’s easy to fall into the “I’m going to be X” when I grow up based on what your parents, teachers and community encourage you to be. However, we are living in one of the coolest times where you can create your dream job. With a computer and some wifi, almost anything is possible. Build your dream young Sarah!

4. How do you think we can encourage more women in tech?
I think the best way to get more women in tech is through education and awareness. Organizations like Ladies Learning Code and other boot camps catered to women are doing a great job of increasing the opportunities for women to learn more about tech, develop tech skills and make career changes. I would love to see even more of these boot camps and workshops pop up, but I think we should also work to raise awareness in young girls. Bust those myths and stereotypes about tech! I think the best way to do this is to engage the women working in tech to be mentors and advocates for the next generation of women to talk to them and show them what working in tech is really like, and the opportunities available to anyone in tech, regardless of gender.

5. What is the best part of your job?
My favourite part of my job is being able to help my customers find solutions with technology. I’m a solutions geek to my core. I love being able to help companies have that “AH-HA!” moment, find their life hacks and overcome challenges by leveraging our technology. In addition to this, I love the ability to be at the cutting edge of the SAAS industry and see how our software develops and changes to solve more problems and make life easier. It really is magic that a few lines of code can change the way we do business and live our lives!